Discover our wide range of accommodation choices in Barcelona. Whether you prefer the warmth of a hospitable host family or the freedom of a shared apartment, we offer options to suit your preferences. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Barcelona as you pursue your Spanish studies with us.

Our Accommodation

Greetings from the Accommodation Team in Barcelona! I’m Xandra, and I’m here to ensure your stay in our vibrant city is nothing short of amazing!

At our school, we take pride in offering a variety of top-quality accommodation options that will add that extra special touch to your learning experience. Our accommodations are not only affordable but also conveniently located with excellent access to public transportation, ensuring you can easily reach our school.

But we don’t stop at just providing a place to stay. Many of our options, such as host families, offer an immersive language-learning experience that can significantly accelerate your progress. It’s a fantastic opportunity to dive deep into the heart of Spanish culture and truly enhance your time here.

Curious to learn more about our accommodation choices? Feel free to reach out, and I’d be delighted to provide you with all the information you need! Download our catalog

Key Features of our Accommodation Options


Good quality




Competitive prices - no booking fees








Culturally immersive


In safe and secure neighborhoods


Well equipped


Centrally located


Regularly inspected and undergoes continuous quality control

Host Family/Homestay

Experience Spanish immersion by choosing to reside with a local host family right here in the heart of Barcelona! This is the ideal option to not only boost your Spanish proficiency but also fully immerse yourself in the dynamic local culture. 

Shared Flat

Forge lasting connections with fellow students who share your interests, all aged 30 and under, as you set out on a remarkable adventure in Barcelona together! Our housing provides tidy and brightly lit rooms, ideal for those enthusiastic about building a vibrant international social circle right in the center of the city. It’s important to note that our residences are coed, creating a diverse and welcoming atmosphere for everyone.


One Bedroom Apartment

Selecting an executive flat is the perfect decision for independent adults or couples who desire their own private haven while uncovering the treasures of Barcelona. Revel in the freedom and luxury of your own personal sanctuary as you fully immerse yourself in the myriad experiences this vibrant city has to offer.


Host Family (juniors only)

Our Host Family Immersion Program for juniors provides an extraordinary chance for students aged 18 and under to embrace a hospitable and inclusive international setting with a compassionate and nurturing host family. Relish in a memorable and enlightening cultural exchange, all while feeling like you’re right at home away from home.

Become a Host Family

Have you ever thought about hosting international students and becoming a host family? Do you have an empty bedroom at home and want to make the most of it?

Reasons to become a host family with AIL Barcelona:
1. Quick occupancy: We have new stays every week.
2. Duration of stay: Our students come to Barcelona for a minimum of one week and can stay up to 32 weeks or even longer.
3. Your house, your rules: At AIL Barcelona, we have designed a set of rules and guidelines that we send to students before their arrival to facilitate coexistence. Tenants will adapt more easily to the dynamics of living in your house as a result. However, you can set your own rules within your home, and we will adapt to them.
4. Secure and prompt payments: We will pay you within the first 7 days after the student’s arrival, so you won’t have to bear too many expenses in advance.
5. No exclusivity commitment: You can work with us without any exclusivity requirements.


To become a host family, you should meet the following requirements:
1. Have a suitable room: We always visit the apartment to ensure it meets the necessary requirements, which include having a bed (single or double), bedding, wardrobe, desk, chair, and study lamp in the room(s).
2. Reside within the M-30 area in Madrid.
3. Have a strong desire to live the experience!

Remember, hosting international students can be a rewarding and enriching experience for both you and the students. Join us as a host family and make a difference in someone’s cultural immersion journey!

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