Spanish Culture Course in Barcelona

Conversation and cultural classes are in combination with the Intensive and Semi-intensive Courses.
CLASSES PER WEEK: 1 lessons a week, every Friday.
CLASS SIZE: 15 students per class maximun.
TIMETABLE: 19:00 to 20:00 - Friday
CLASS DURATION: 60 minutes
LEVELS: At least A2


9€ per week
Downpayment of 150
About the Spanish Culture Course in Barcelona

At our Spanish school in Barcelona, we recognize the importance of immersing oneself in Spanish culture as a fundamental part of learning a foreign language. Language is an essential component of any culture, and for students to succeed, it is crucial that they understand and appreciate cultural aspects such as Spanish art, holidays, festivals, clothing, customs, and music.

Our Spanish Culture course has been designed with a special focus on these cultural elements. We understand that for students to become competent members of society and develop confidence in their language skills, it is essential for them to grasp the richness and diversity of Spanish culture.

During this course, students will have the opportunity to explore and immerse themselves in Spanish culture deeply and meaningfully. They will learn about iconic art, participate in prominent festivities and festivals, and explore local traditions, traditional attire, and daily customs. Moreover, they will delve into Spanish music, which is a fundamental part of the country’s culture.

This course will not only enrich their cultural understanding but also provide them with the necessary tools to communicate effectively and appropriately in everyday situations in Spain. Through interactive activities and practical exercises, students will build confidence in their ability to interact with native speakers and understand the cultural nuances that enhance their learning experience.

At AIL Barcelona, we believe that a profound understanding of culture is essential for success in learning Spanish. Join us on this exciting journey to comprehend and appreciate Spanish culture while honing your language skills. Contact us today to enroll in this enriching and transformative course.


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