Corporate Social Responsibility


At AIL Barcelona, we have aimed to educate our students in moral values, alongside teaching them the Spanish language. Our holistic approach to learning extends beyond educational concepts like grammar and linguistic skills, encompassing oral expression and writing. For a truly comprehensive experience, we believe students should be immersed in a culture of environmental awareness, equality, and social diversity.

We have a rich history of sharing the Spanish language and culture with ambitious international students. We like to think that each country in the world has a part of us, as our students become part of our history and forever remain members of the AIL Barcelona family. Consequently, we hold a deep sense of corporate social responsibility within our school. We genuinely believe that it is our duty to instill ethical values in our bright and talented international students, knowing they will go on to make a positive impact on the world.

How did we become a socially responsible school?

Being a Spanish Language School based in Barcelona, we have always recognized the profound importance of education. Our company’s mission and vision align closely with the principles upheld by the educational sector. Throughout our history as a school, we have proactively engaged in collaborations that support significant social causes of the time.

In the current global landscape, the call for a united international community has never been more pronounced. From the challenging years of the pandemic to the heartbreaking conflict in Ukraine, humanity faces daily trials. It is during these testing times that our unity becomes paramount, and offering assistance to those in need is of utmost significance.

FEDELE (Federation Association of Spanish Schools) actively encourages these cross-border partnerships in support of social causes. Their initiatives span from addressing social inequalities to the integration of marginalized groups into the community. FEDELE is steadfast in its commitment to fostering a better and more harmonious world. The organization has introduced the “Socially Responsible ELE School” accreditation seal to acknowledge the efforts of numerous schools in areas such as environmental ethics, equality, and universal accessibility within the educational sector.

Projects we have worked on

At AIL Barcelona, we take social responsibility seriously. We’ve made recycling a core part of our daily routine, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices. Within our school, we’ve established efficient waste sorting systems, separating organic waste from paper, glass, and non-recyclables. These efforts not only reduce waste sent to landfills but also educate our students on the value of recycling and environmental stewardship.

Furthermore, we are committed to reducing plastic waste in our school. To achieve this, we have implemented the use of reusable markers, which significantly lowers our plastic consumption. This initiative aligns with our dedication to environmentally friendly practices, and it’s just one more step we take in our mission for a cleaner, more sustainable world. 

We’re dedicated to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle among our students. We achieve this through exciting volleyball tournaments and various fitness programs, we inspire students to stay active and maintain their well-being. We believe that taking care of our  physical health and promoting teamwork are essential components of education, helping our students become well-rounded individuals who will make a positive impact on their communities. 

Our school takes social responsibility to heart by offering international internships. These opportunities not only introduce students to the Spanish job market but also enhance their Spanish-speaking skills. By providing these experiences, we are nurturing global citizens, fostering cultural sensitivity, and preparing our students for a connected world. 

At AIL Barcelona, we’re constantly on the lookout for fresh projects to fulfill our commitment to social awareness. As we often say, schools reflect our society. Hence, we must work diligently to instill positive values and ethics in our students, who, as they mature, will, in turn, imbue our society with their newfound knowledge.

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